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Stickers for Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber & WhatsApp...etc

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Vývojář: Aaron Kwok
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Stickers - Use 6250 Stickers & Animated Stickers in your WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Instagram, WeChat, Line, Tumblr, GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Messages, QQ, VK (ВКонтакте), Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Assign to Contact, Save to Camera Roll, Print & Copy...

- Home Page: Hello, Touch, Angry, Cry, Loved, Surprised, Happy, Grimace, Goodbye, Helpless, Vomit, Xmas, Sinister, Yes, No, New Emoji ( 775 Stickers )

3125 Stickers & 3125 Gif Animation Stickers

- Boxset A ( Crazy Girl, Fat Pig, Lucky Bear, Fish Rabbit, DD Cat, Beer Beer Cow, Fat Rat, Lucky Chick, Askar Dog, Skeleton Demon, Copy Cat, Cute Cat Princess, Wood Cat, MissuBear, Kungfu Paradise, Xiudou Bear, Dante Giraffe, Pear Duck, Funny Frog, TNN, DoDo Dog, Tupa Empire, Hey Li Cat, Pistachios, Bubu Tiger. )

- Boxset B ( Fung Fung Rat, Tutugo, YoYo, Little Dinosaur, Mocmoc, Maomaoshu, Doje Dog, Shaven Head, Samwoo, Seven Girl, Cuckold, Bobi, Stupid Cat, Magoo, Panst, Pineapple Head, Peas, Star Cat Baby, Gold Sparkle, Tuzki, Abnormal Monkey, Wretched Man, Beer Baby, Lecherous Cat, Amoy Peach. )

- Boxset C ( Anky, Potato, Dance, Yellow Face, Douwa, Hobo, Jon Jon, Y Box, Uncle, Wula Tortoise, Wu Li, Stupid Eagle, Rabbit Pui, Convex Sheep, Variety Fox, Stupid Pig, Black Ear Kitten, Milk Bottle Boy, Worm, Q Duck, Chestnuts Monkey, Ginger Egg, Snails Abu, Owl, Dou Dog. )

- Boxset D ( Hana, Gold Pig, Big Mouth, Strawberry Girl, Meow Cat, Blue Snail, Power Boy, Rabbit Ears, Cow, Vampire, Presto Dragon, Yu Guo, Red Beans, Guapizai, Cauliflower Baby, Egg, Panda Girl, Basketball Boy, Rice Head, Monster, Stupid, Ba Fu, West, Rice Chicken, Bad Cow. )

- Boxset E ( Small Egg, Cactus, Meat Bread, Dudu Goose, Abu T, Habbo, Tortoise, Eleven, Peanut Monkey, Jelly, OPPO, Mei, Furuta, Bear, X Tiger, Watermelon, PP Dog, Donki, Giraffe, Cute Rabbit, X Rabbit, Funny Tiger, CC Cat, Octopus O, DoDo Rabbit. )

- In-App Purchases ( Boxset B, Boxset C, Boxset D, Boxset E )


*3125 Stickers Can Support WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Messages, QQ, VK (ВКонтакте), Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo, Assign to Contact, Save to Camera Roll, Print & Copy...

*3125 Animated Stickers Can Support Facebook Messenger, Tumblr, Telegram, GroupMe, Messages, WeChat & Mail...


FREE of charge by sending Animated Stickers by iMessage

iMessage is only applicable for iPhone with iOS 5.0 or above.

User Guide:

1. Start up the app "Stickers"

2. Choose one picture for the category you like

3. Press "Animated" button at the bottom of the screen
4. Choose any animation you want

5. Press "Messages" button

6. SMS function will be automatically started up

7. Find a recipient who has activated the function of iMessage

8. Ensure wording "iMessage" is shown in content bar
9. Tab content bar once

10. Select "Paste" to paste the saved animation

11. Press "Send" button


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